AUSTIN, TX – No this has nothing to do with taking shares to the market, but everything to do with intense deer hunting. Buckscore’s professional deer biologist, Jeremy Flinn, is looking for a REAL challenge and change from the typical “climb and shoot” hunting shows, by dedicating the entire hunting season to the “Average Guy.”

In his semi-live web show, “Buckscore’s Public Pursuit,” Flinn will chase mature whitetails solely on public ground! Using his knowledge as an experienced hunter and professional deer biologist, Flinn will learn a new piece of property from scratch and use trail cameras and good old reading deer sign to pattern and harvest mature whitetails on public ground in the Midwest. “There is plenty of land out there to hunt, but in this economy many of us dedicated hunters have to worry about putting food on the table for our families first, while our passion to chase whitetails takes a backseat,” Flinn states. “This isn’t for the faint of heart. I’ll be putting on some serious miles and carrying nearly 80 pounds of equipment including my bow, video camera, camera arm, and trail cameras. This climb up in a stand and shoot a monster buck every time you’re out hunting is not realistic for many hunters and that’s why I am doing Public Pursuit.”

As a nationally recognized, professional deer biologist, Flinn eats, breathes, and sleeps whitetails. During his journey he will share tips that hunters on both private and public land can use including “Why are my deer disappearing in mid-October?” and “How to effectively use trail cameras to scout your hunting ground.” Flinn will provide valuable information based on research and experience in an easy-to-understand manner. “As a biologist, it is my obligation to help hunters become more successful while also improving their understanding of the white-tailed deer.”

While only into the second week of November, Flin has already put down a mature 4 ½ year- old doe, and buck that both private and public hunters would be proud of. Shot on November 5th, the close to 230 pound, 8-point scored 125-inches and was aged at 4 ½ years old.

“I’ve got 2 buck tags and a handful of doe tags left…to me the season just started,” Flinn stated. “It has rejuvenated my deer hunting skills and made me realize why I chose a career based around this animal.”

“I’m always looking for new products that will take my pursuit of whitetails on public land to the next level,” Flinn claimed. “I welcome any company with products that fit well with ‘Public Pursuit’ to contact me and discuss some cooperative efforts.”

“Buckscore’s Public Pursuit” will have episodes appearing every week or two on the Buckscore Facebook Page ( or through their YouTube channel (

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