Video: The Newest Brunton Products On Display at ATA Show


Not even 10 years ago people said that one day you will be able to watch television on your computer. Now in 2012, it seems such a silly thought that someone should have to abide by the TV station’s schedule to watch their favorite shows when everything is available digitally.

Riding the digital wave, Brunton has come out with an essential product that may very well become standard in the digital age for anyone who likes to travel further than a few miles away from electrical outlets. I was really curious when the day would come, when users could finally charge their digital devices in the middle of the Pacific Crest Trail or high atop a tree stand.

Watch the video from the floor of the ATA Show at the Brunton booth, where a representative explains how to use the Brunton portable Resync charger for your electronics outdoors.

[ohubvideo tyZXdhMzqI-NAK9bJnBuxydN3FBhIIZs nolink]

Brunton is known for producing reliable compasses since 1894 when the company’s founder, D.W. Brunton created the Pocket Transit. The company is based in Riverton, Wyoming and continues to innovate in the outdoor product industry. Read more at

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