Mossy Oak CEO and Senior VP of Media Productions Honored by POMA


Johnstown, PA – The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Board of Directors honored Mossy
Oak executives Toxey Haas, founder and CEO, and Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, senior vice president of media
productions, with POMA Heritage Media Memberships.

Heritage Membership in POMA is the highest status a communicator in the traditional outdoor sports industry can obtain within the organization. Heritage Members are veteran, active or retired, communications professionals (journalists, publishers, producers, broadcasters, photographers and videographers) who have made significant
contributions to honor the heritage of fishing, hunting, trapping, and the shooting sports. Heritage Membership is bestowed by declaration of POMA’s Board of Directors.

“The announcement of this honor, now, if so fitting,” said POMA Executive Director and CEO, Laurie Lee Dovey. “This year, Mossy Oak (Haas Outdoors) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. From day one, Toxey had a vision from
which he’s never strayed. Cuz has been with Toxey every step of the way, telling the outdoor story through Mossy Oak eyes.”

“POMA hopes this honor conveys the gratitude of not just POMA but the entire traditional outdoor sports industry for what Toxey and Cuz have done for our sports and outdoor communications,” added POMA Chairman
Michael D. Faw.

Mossy Oaks’ mantra, “It’s not a passion. It’s an obsession,” tells the story of Haas, Strickland and their family of co‐workers. They’re authentic and avid outdoorsmen and women, whose obsession is shared by millions of
consumers who also are grateful for all Haas and Strickland have done for their sports and their ability to access great informational, educational and conservation content – for 25 years.

POMA is the traditional outdoor sports industry’s premier professional communicators organization. POMA’s mission is to foster excellence in communications at all levels, help members build their businesses, connect media and industry, promote fair and honest communication of the traditional outdoor sports and conservation stories, and mentor the next generation of traditional outdoor sports communicators.

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