North American Fishing Club Unveils My Fishing Advisor



Thanks to the North American Fishing Club, anglers nationwide have a new ally in the quest to catch more fish fast—a personal fishing guide that fits in their pocket and never expects a tip. Meet My Fishing Advisor, a free app for iPhone and Droid smartphones, that analyzes light level, moon phase, water temperature and other conditions to predict fish location and activity, as well as what presentation will be most effective.

“The app is a great tool for planning your next fishing trip,” says Kurt Beckstrom, editor of the NAFC’s award-winning national magazine, North American Fisherman. “It’s like having a fisheries biologist, veteran guide and complete set of every fishing show, book and magazine article ever created, all in your corner—every time you hit the water.”

Designed by inventor Paul Halter, My Fishing Advisor was tested extensively by Beckstrom, fellow NAFC staffers and Club members for several months. After a few tweaks, a Fishing Club-endorsed version of the app was released in March, available for iPhone and Droid devices from iTunes Store and Android Market, respectively.

To get started, anglers choose a fishing location by using either the GPS in their phones or an interactive map. After entering information on the type of lake or river, date and time of the trip, weather and water conditions, users select from a comprehensive list of species ranging from largemouth bass to lake trout. At that point, the app offers peak fish activity periods, then rates suggested structure and fishing techniques. Once dialed in on a tactic, the app outlines specific tips for the presentation, including lure size and color, recommended tackle and how to work the bait.

“I was skeptical, but after putting the app through its paces, I believe it helps anglers find their best chances of catching fish on every trip,” Beckstrom adds. Billed as the first full-service fishing app of its kind, My Fishing Advisor has garnered rave reviews. Since the original version’s Droid release in March 2011, it has been downloaded more than 250,000 times and generated more than 1 million customized fishing trips.

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