The New Barnett Wildcat C5


Deadly accurate with cat-like stealth and precision, the Wildcat C5 is built on the foundation of the best-selling bow of all time. Designed for speed of up to 320 fps, as well as premium performance and unparalleled comfort, the Wildcat C5 features a lightweight GAM (Gas Assist Mold) composite stock, thumbhole grip, vented quad limbs and the “Veloci-Speed” high energy wheel assembly. The MIM (Metal Injection molding) trigger contains the added safety precaution of the ADF “Anti Dry Fire” feature, eliminating unintentional dry firing of your bow. MIM components allow for a smooth 3.5 lb pull.

Even more revolutionary is the crank attachment built right into the stock. This design allows for easy installation of the optional crank-cocking device, while maintain a sleek, low profile look and feel.

Decorated in a stealthy matte black finish or in a highly effective concealing camouflage, the Wildcat C5 is available through retailers as a complete package with crossbow, a quick-detach quiver, three 20″ arrows and the choice of either a Premium Red Dot Scope or a 4×32 Multi Reticle Scope.

Like all of Barnett’s crossbows, the Wildcat C5 is built for maximum speed and efficiency to deliver the high quality performance every hunter deserves.


  • Draw Weight:150 lbs
  • Ft Lbs of Energy: 97
  • Power Stroke: 13 in
  • Speed: 320 FPS
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Length: 35.25 in
  • Width: 26.7 in
  • Arrow Length: 20 in
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