iPad giveaway at NRA’s Annual Meeting in St. Louis


More than a thousand companies have signed up for the NRA’s Business Alliance. And why not? There are dozens of discounts to be had. Lower shipping fees from Federal Express, free next day shipping and discounts on office furniture from Corporate Express, and lower credit card processing fees from Payment Alliance International. But Payment Alliance has decided to raise their benefit factor up a notch.

Anyone attending the Annual Meeting this week in St. Louis is now eligible to win a brand new iPad. Just print up this page, fill out the form at the top and drop it off at the Payment Alliance booth (#24) inside the America’s Center. Do that before 2pm on Sunday at that iPad could be going home with you.

Click here for a larger version of the entry form.

After hearing about all these great giveaways taking place this year at the Annual Meeting, there’s only one important question that remains unanswered — which ones are NRA employees eligible to win?

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