Rock River Powersports Announces Signing of Amanda Maheu


Rock River Powersports is pleased to announce new Pro WMX rider Amanda Maheu to Team Rock River Yamaha. Maheu will take to the gate for all WMX rounds aboard her ultra fast factory supported YZ250F Yamaha and Moto Star branding.

As Rock River grabbed WMX rookie of the year honors for the last two years we look for Amanda to make a run for the title this year. Based on what have seen from her hucking huge ramp gaps and landing TV time for Yamaha in their commercial spots she comes in with no shortage of hype. She is also a two time Rock River Loretta Lynn title holder and wants to grab a pro title next!

Stop by and meet her starting at the Hangtown Motocross Classic in Sacramento, California, on May 19, 2012. With the help from our loyal sponsors we have plenty of fun scheduled for friends and fans alike.

Check out Rock River Powersports and Amanda Maheu in the videos below.


Amanda Maheu races with a helmet cam:


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