Adds iPhone Apps and New Features for its Fishermen and Women Members



Recognizing that the world is rapidly moving to an all smart-phone environment, has poised itself for the future with its new I-phone app. Now, the members at can take that photo while still fishing and post it to the site or boast to their friends and fellow members in the forums right on the spot when they catch that big fish. CEO Garry Cooper states, “We are relatively new in the market, but we are not going to play the ‘catch-up’ game, we plan to lead in technology and utility for out members and are here for the long haul”. has also added a new forums platform that includes every feature now available in any modern forum platform along with social network features rarely found on fishing websites. The site has added a ‘reviews’ feature that will allow its users to grade various fishing products easily, further enhancing the value of the site to its members. The photo and media portion of the site has also been enhanced to allow more utility, easier management, and higher resolution of its content.

Although only launched at the first of the year, has already gained widespread acceptance as a site made for the fishing community, by real fishermen and women. Its article content has been consistently ranking on page one of Google. Cooper says his firm’s spring fishing season marketing plan is just kicking in and he plans to grow the site’s membership by thousands in the next few months. The site is free to join and easy to use and plans are place to implement ‘fantasy fishing tournaments’ into the mix to add more value, utility, and entertainment into the site.

CEO Cooper wants to invite all in the fishing world to come visit the site and rub shoulders with our fellow fishermen and women. He also encourages feedback and communication with management as he states “We want to be our member’s site, not ours. When our members talk, we listen. They wanted phone apps and better forums and here they are!” Cooper says they are now working on an android app, which should be out soon, along with some other useful features that will greatly enhance the site. If you aren’t already a member, you can visit the site at

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