Rare Golden Snapper Snaps up $38,000 Price Tag in Bangladesh


A Chinese businessman paid $38,000USD for a rare golden snapper sold in a Bangladeshi fish market by Jahangir Saudagar.

Saudagar had outbid 500 other fishmongers in order to obtain the snapper before selling it to the unidentified Chinese businessman. Saudagar said, to AFP, the businessman paid that much mostly for the Snapper’s “tasty bladder and succulent flesh.”

According to pawnation.com, zoology professor Noman Siddiqui of the Marine Fisheries Academy in Chittagong said it was the golden color of the snapper, which is usually red or silver, which drove the price so high. Only “three or four golden snappers are caught in the Bay of Bengal” every year.

In some Asian cultures, snapper meat is highly prized as a delicacy.

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