Waterfowling Reality TV Show Hits the Big Time


The reality-ish TV show Duck Dynasty that airs on A&E is one of those outdoor-industry niche shows that is viewed by many more than just waterfowl hunting enthusiasts. The show follows the Robertson family who lives in the Louisiana bayou. They operate a highly successful waterfowling business, but stay true to their family values and lifestyle at the same time.

The owners of Duck Commander hunting calls and the TV show that preceded Duck Dynasty met with such success, so it’s no wonder the show has done so well with a wider audience. Take a look at clip of one episode, affectionately called, “Yuppies.”


A review on WildFowlMag.com says the show is “all it’s quacked up to be.” The center of attention of the show is Phil Robertson, the father whose antics are hilarious yet his duck hunting skills are undeniable.

Skip Knowles, the review writer says, “Part of the instant admiration was the ground-breaking, in-your-face and honest style of hunt video, and part of it was senior bad ass Phil Robertson’s personal commitment: He walked away from an amazing career to kill ducks. The old man talked about his teammate Terry Bradshaw—he of the four Super Bowl rings—and how he started at quarterback over Terry at Louisiana Tech. ‘Terry chose the bucks, I chose the ducks,’ Phil said.”

And he must be doing something right because his show is taking off the ground right alongside the ducks he’s hunting.

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