Wisconsin DNR Seeks Input from Small Business



To stay informed and suggest changes, please visit http://dnr.wi.gov/business/RulesReview.html.

This month, DNR is launching a retrospective review of rules. This review is prompted by Governor Walker’s “Executive Order #61 Relating to Job Creation and Small Business Expansion,” http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code/executive_orders/2011_scott_walker/2012-61.pdf, issued on February 22.

DNR’s small business ombudsman, Eileen Pierce, will lead this project. See our March 2012 issue for more information about Eileen’s role. The project is designed to:

  • Examine all existing DNR rules to identify those that impact Wisconsin small business.
  • Evaluate the agency’s rules that impact Wisconsin small business to determine which are suitable for repeal, modification, or exemption, in order to lessen the burden on Wisconsin small business without creating a negative impact on public health or the environment.
  • Consider public input. The initial opportunity for public input will get underway immediately and run through May 31, 2012, via an online survey at http://dnr.wi.gov/business/RulesReview.html. A public comment period on the draft report of recommendatiis planned for fall 2012.
  • Report recommendations to the Small Business Regulatory Review Board. Phase 1 of the report is due by July 2012, and the Phase 2 report is scheduled for March 2013.

All recommendations will meet the following criteria:

  • the proposed change will not contravene the intent of the underlying state statute, state constitution, federal regulation or federal mandate;
  • the proposed change will not result in a negative impact on public health or the environment; and
  • the proposed change will simplify, reduce, or eliminate the burden for small businesses in Wisconsin.

The Small Business Regulatory Review Board has the authority to review rules and determine whether agencies have fulfilled the requirements in s. 227.114, Wis. Stats, which establishes methods for reducing the impact of rules on small businesses.

For this review, “small business” means a business entity, including its affiliates, which is independently owned and operated and not dominant in its field; and which employs 25 or fewer full-time employees, or which has gross annual sales of less than $5,000,000, according to s. 227.114 (1), Wis. Stats.

This is an important task where everyone’s input is necessary for success. The DNR welcomes the public’s input. Please provide input through the online survey by May 31, 2012.

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