What more can we say about distracted texters? KTLA caught footage of this unwary gentleman nearly stepping on top of a black bear meandering through a California suburb.

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121 thoughts on “Video: California Man Walks Into Bear While Texting

      1. Dear gawd, do you crusade everyone you do not agree with? When people get paid to do a job, they should do it correctly. It’s called work ethics and having pride in one’s work. You probably don’t know much about having a job though, huh? I actually did run into a friend once. I was hurrying and bumped right into her. πŸ™‚

      2. You have no idea what a phrasal verb is, do you? Maybe you should look it up.

        And if you’re going to be making moronic attempts at insults, you probably shouldn’t do it with an avatar referring to other people as stupid.

      3. OK, stupid πŸ™‚ You’re the flag waver. Don’t like the attention? Put the flag down. He walked up to a bear, not into it.

      4. Hutch, FYI… When writing; if you have to spend this much time defending your ‘style’, your ‘style’ is bad… Just say’n.

      5. The original url says man nearly walks into a bear. Someone obviously changed it so they could generate more clicks on the video.

      6. I walked into a conversation once but I’m not telling a certain anal moron about it, lest the situation AND my description of the event be placed under a microscope … Or, would that be “beneath” a microscope?!?!

      7. Thanks for making sure I got emailed about a reply to a comment I made TEN MONTHS AGO!!! Hope it was worth it you fat faced mook.

      8. Are you a friggen nob? Did you post this just to post something? Go walk into a bear, ya plank. It’s about the wording used in title, numb nuts. Keep up with the rest of the class.

      9. Wow! The difference a word makes. However, I’m not completely convinced that anyone even hires editors and proofreaders any more.

      10. And, unfortunately, it shows. I rarely read a book that does not have multiple misspellings, misuses of words….Even a chapter in one of Michael Crichton’s books was written based upon a completely inaccurate concept!

      11. Hope you’re being ironic there, as the computers often get it wrong and need knowledgeable human override to ensure accuracy.

      12. I only clicked the link because I wanted to see him actually walk into the bear. That would have been a lot more humorous that just seeing him walk up to a bear.

      1. He’s unemployed because he is a black bear and oppressed by the white man. If only he had oppose-able thumbs he could burn down the neighborhood.

      2. What are you, like 8 years old? You just posted one of the stupidest comments ever. I’m laughing at you little boy.

    1. I guess your generation doesn’t use expressions like, “I ran into Bill the other day.” Also the menu underneath the video lists the story of a man who did step on a bear and got bit in the foot. But I get your point, I would just add that the man with the phone did the one thing he should never have done, he ran . Fortunately that black bear was docile. A similar report with video was on line a month or so back and a hiking party was run up on by an aggressive black bear and the herd of hikers scattered to the four winds resulting in one death, if they had held their ground it might have been a better outcome. I would guess this black bear judging its body and length and width by the cars it was passing went at least a good 300 lbs maybe 400 lbs with the ability to achieve up to 30 mph in a short burst.

      1. You’re correct. My generation was taught proper English. We also had journalists who took pride in their job and writing abilities. Today’s journalists are a joke. As for the rest of your comment………Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Tell him, not me. I grew up in the country. We had bears, dear, foxes, bobcats, raccoon, all sorts of wild life. I know how to handle myself around nature’s creatures.

      2. I did not wish to embarrass (No homonyms intended.) the guy but the under text says “nearly” stepping into the bear. Not his fault, I missed it the first time too and I am used to tabloids printing banners that are not exact in their meaning and even contradicted by the story. I have not been on this site before but I like the outdoors focus even if it is suburban.

      3. Thank you for your explanation. I appreciate your effort. The point that you seem to have missed in my comment is the fact the headline is misleading. I only clicked the link because I wanted to see him actually walk into the bear. That would have been a lot more humorous that just seeing him walk up to a bear. I felt let down. πŸ˜‰

      4. It wasn’t the spelling, it was the improper wording. Now if you were speaking to Bambi, then you got the deer part correct. If not, try again. πŸ˜‰

      5. and yet despite your journalistic writing abilities you use it all on commenting on videos? Get back to work slacker.

      6. Who said I’m a journalist? I drive a tractor trailer and was off when commenting here. What a goofy little troll child you are. I truly hope this is not your life, trolling the internet leaving childish comments to people. I don’t think that was God’s plan for you.

      7. word, that guy was nuts. Real luck there was food abound or else that bear would have caught up in no time.

      1. Now that’s funny! I think “someone” needs to come up with a tad bit bigger lie, like; Hillary and I were at a McDonalds (they serve goat burgers at that one) in Iraq when suddenly we were surrounded by armed insurgents! I threw Hillary to the floor and she bumped her head causing a concussion, double vision, blood clots and………oh, wait………….that’s another story. OK, Hillary and I were in Afghanistan, and there was all this mortar fire, everywhere! I grabbed Hillary and we ducked and ran towards this helicopter which was surrounded by enemy combatants……………………,just fill in the rest. That’s the way it’s done today πŸ™‚

      1. ive always wondered about that… I know humans arent as fast as bears.. but im not challenging him to a race… I just need a few feet distance… I come a from an ape species. I refuse to belive I cant climb high enough for that a bear cant reach me .

        Plus I’d rather be caught from behind or pulled out of tree. I’d hate to be the one playing dead didnt help

      2. I watched two black bears climb to the top of an 80 foot pine tree in about ten seconds. Good luck with that.

      3. Your ape like ability to climb is useless now you know that right? Humans are domesticated just like dogs are, so you can refuse to believe you can’t outclimb a wild animal all you want, but seeing as the bear hunts for food and you go down to a supermarket where the foods already been killed and packaged, my money’s on the bear that does it every day!

      4. It’s no matter how domesticated we are. They average size human can climb faster and higher than any bear.

      5. You are fooling yourself…. Either that, or you simply choose to admit that you are extremely wrong!! Bears will, have, and do, climb higher and faster than any human. You see, they don’t have any need for branches, or anything to hold onto. They have these things, they have these things at the tips of their feet…. They are really phenominal tools. You may have heard of them. They are called, “claws”. They use them to dig into the tree, so the don’t need branches. And you, you do not have these tools. And I seriously doubt that you wander around with tree climbing gear attached to your body all the time. So unless you are spiderman, or maybe a spidermonkey, you are NOT climbing faster, or higher than a bear. Sorry. FAIL.

      6. ummm….. Did anyone actually read this persons comment….they never
        said they could climb faster…. they said higher…. on that basis….
        yeah they could. The higher you go the thinner the branches or tree
        trunk. the thinner the branches or tree trunk the weeker they are. The
        weeker they are the less weight they support. Now unless you are a bear
        sized human…. the laws of physics will allow you to be able to climb
        higher than a bear maybe not faster…… but defenitely higher! Now
        also, dependant on the tree…. and how compact it is and close together
        the branches are, a human may very well be able to climb a tree faster
        than a bear. If a bear struggles to fit between the branches due to
        size…. and a person fits between them easily…… the person would be
        able to climb the tree faster. again simple physics. its not all about
        the bears or persons ability…. its about tree selection! πŸ™‚ Judy Ansnes…. Sorry, you FAIL!

      7. Yall must be city stickers shoot bear don’t run or climb a tree I have seen I real life how fast a bear can climb wile scared or hunting food unless u can literally run up the tree the bear will get you do sent matter how fast u run the bear will get you I think a bear tops out at 20 to 30 mph so unless u can run at least 32 mph for more than a short burst the bear will get you a wonder bear has been found 40 miles from were it was shot so that just goes to show u how much endurance they have needless to say your safer to just shoot it in the head with a high velocity fmj round and pray your ass off it drops dead

    1. You’re right. You never run from a black bear. You stand your ground and they will move off. I’ve had dozens of bear encounters. They want no part of people EXCEPT when people turn themselves in to prey.

      This guy got lucky.

      1. Technically you’re both right, Black bears rarely attack humans but when they do it’s because you ran like an idiot 9/10 times.

    2. though at this point, when bears roaming around in the cities of cali, they obviously see more opportunity and have more sense to siphon through the garbage than run after a human and get potentially hit by a car.

  1. It’s funny, but also shows ignorance: running from a bear is a bad idea. With a black bear and no cubs, no harm is likely to come; they really don’t care about humans. But in any serious encounter, you should back away slowly. You cannot outrun a bear!

      1. Natural it may well be, but if you have ever been that close to a bear (which I have been more than once), you will appreciate that one should learn to do the right thing.

        Near Mammoth Lakes I was sitting at a picnic table while my 3 year old daughter slept in the back of a station wagon (a sort of SUV, with hatchback up) about five feet away, when a bear walked casually past, closer than I really liked shall we say. I did move deliberately to do what was needed, but not running. I have had other comparable experiences with black bears.

        A close friend, however, was in Alaska and hiking near the Brooks Range by himself (his companion was at camp or some such), and came around a bend and a bush to find himself about 18 inches from a grizzly, even though he had been making noise in the accepted manner. Had he turned and run, I suspect that even this young bear might have chased him, because that is the natural reaction of a bear to a large running object. As it was, he just stopped and quietly said “Go away, bear”. Which I doubt the bear understood precisely, but that is in fact what it did.

        For both species, if you get in between a mother and cubs, you are in trouble. Otherwise, even grizzlies (who do sometimes behave entirely unpredictably) will usually pose no danger. But don’t run, not even if they are chewing on your arm.

      2. Ummm…. “one should learn to do the right thing” Now i think you are being ignorant. Surely you can appreciate that there is a very large number of life threatening dangers in this world….. I would imagine that you have no clue what the right thing to do would be in 99% of them. If it is not an experience or situation you would ever imagine happening to yourself or have no particular interest in, then the likely hood of someone learning the right thing to do in an unimaginable situation is pretty slim. Thus resulting in the action you would take in the very minor chance of ever being in the unlikely situation would be a natural or instinctive reaction. Which in this situation would be to run. Maybe not the best course of action but certainly the instinctive reation. In my opinion, if you are unsure of the correct course of action in a dangerous situation where you have no experience or knowledge…. Get the Hell outta there as quickly as possible.

      3. Gee, I didn’t think this was going to become such an intense debate! But seriously, large and potentially dangerous wildlife in our backyard (sometimes literally) is a real part of modern life, and so we’d better learn to deal with it. In the SF Bay Area people have found mountain lions, not only on nearby trails, but in their backyards. If you don’t know what to do (which is most certainly NOT “get the hell outta there”), they can be fully as life-threatening as a grizzly bear. On the other hand, they are easily deterred by vigorous aggression (not such a good idea with a bear, where noise and “passive aggression” is best, as Mary points out). These are things we should know if we are to live with the beauty of nature. I hope I live to see the day when wolves are a part of that environment here also.

      4. I have been to Alaska the last two summers (3rd round coming up this summer) for fishing and I came across many Grizzly bears. Even got pretty close to a few sets of a mama bear and cubs. The number one thing the guides teach you is to NEVER run from a bear. You must stand your ground, make yourself look bigger, yell or even throw rocks at them to scare them away. Back away slowly to give them space. If they charge you (never happened to me) it will be a bluff charge so you have to just stand where you are. Where we go in AK the bears are very well fed on the salmon runs and are very indifferent to humans when they see you. But no matter how many of them we came across, my heart pounds a million beats a second every single time. Such amazing creatures and so cool to see in their natural environment.

        Of course, I don’t blame this guy for his reaction. LOL. Not too many people see bears or expect to see them in Southern California.

  2. Guy walks into bear. Bear says, “What’ll you have?” Guy says, “A clean pair of shorts.”

    I guess you had to be there. *groan*

  3. How is his texting even relevant to this story? That is, how would this played out differently had he not been texting? Funny video; poor headline.

    1. He might’ve seen the bear much earlier and therefore wouldn’t have come so close to walking into it. But he was texting and not watching where he was going, so he almost ran into it. The texting is quite relevant.

    2. Are you serious man?
      Must be a serial texter.
      Come on man. Look at the world around you. It’s way better than anything on your freaking phone.

  4. I guess he had temporarily lost his bearings. Bear escape! Bear to the left, to the bare tarmac, and barrel on outta there!

  5. Nothing funny about this at all. I’m in the mountains where the bear came down from all the time and it’s F’d Up that they’re needing to come down like this. And the double hit was that not only is this dude when of those idiots who lives his life in a freaking screen but he did the absolute wrong thing when he saw that bear. DO NOT RUN from a black bear!

    1. He may well have known this, but have you ever been startled , and had a “fight-or-flight” reaction, before you realized what had really just happened? That’s what makes this video funny. Relax, bro. We all human, too.

      1. I was thinking about that dude and I don’t think I ever have. Certainly not with a bear and I LITERALLY walked in to one once in Sequoia. I crapped myself but the bear freaked out more than me. Not putting myself up on any pedestal but I also make it a point to always be aware of my surroundings, you know? And maybe that’s why this fired me up. I’ve seen way too many people walk in to traffic, other people or whatever because they’re glued to a freaking phone. Time and place, you know?

  6. I have outrun a bear before, it’s no big deal. Did it when I was 12 on July 21, 1969 in Yosemite. We were on our way to watch a TV at the Tioga Lodge in Yosemite Valley, We went there to watch the first ever walk on the moon. It was pretty cool, even for somebody that just got chased by a black bear earlier in the day.

  7. For all those arguing about running from a bear…the guy is clearly on a city street..and wasn’t paying attention, and obviously didn’t expect to run into a bear on the sidewalk. His first reaction was to freak out and run. Granted if he were paying attention he wouldn’t have even walked up to the bear in the first place. He did was 99% of the public would do if they looked up and there was a big bear in their face. As for the outdoor Mr Ranger types..shut up, no one cares, it’s funny to watch, go eat some granola, why do you even have internet in the woods?

  8. I’ve worked summer camps in King’s Canyon. they want your food. black bears are more scared of you. we camp staff have had to go chase them away from kid’s decks. now that is an exhilarating experience, running after a bear yelling. do it in a big group though, never know when things can go wrong haha

  9. Wow people these days are too serious. I guess you never said Guess who I ran into today …or bumped into. Like I said toooooooo serious

  10. I have had many encounters with black bears at my home & work… The LAST thing you want to do is run!!! The man was lucky the bear did not chase him… you back away from black bears slowly & yell at them, wave your arms up high to make yourself look bigger.. With black bears you must stand your ground… One bear in our yard this past summer charged at my husband & myself… It was groaning, growling, popping it’s jaws, & charged at us but stopped because we stood our ground yelling at it & throwing rocks at it… this pic of a small black bear on the steps of my tractor trailer on the steps by the driver door…

  11. Y’all be tripping! Your grammar talk..much more interesting than that dumb lost bear and the lunatic texter. Night!

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