Independent “Backyard” Testing Appears to Support Remington’s Response to Attacks from NBC


The “Remington vs. NBC” issue is hitting all corners of the gun industry and gun enthusiast community. The most recent NBC report claims to have found a dangerous defect in a fire control group (typically defined as the mechanism of a gun containing things like the trigger, hammer and safety) used in several Remington firearms, known as the common fire control (CFC) unit. Critics of NBC’s work have pointed out that the report uses an animated representation of the alleged failure of the CFC, not providing an on-screen example of a CFC failing.

Enthusiasts like Robert Mann of the Empty Cases blog took it upon themselves to put the CFC to the test. In the video below, Mann has removed the CFC from his son’s shotgun and puts it through its paces.


Following this (admittedly anecdotal, though powerful) “backyard” style of testing, the evidence appears to be on Remington’s side. Outdoor Hub will keep you posted as more updates come through on this heated topic.

Press release issued by Remington April 12, 2012:

NBC continues to attack Remington and the firearms industry through sensational and factually inaccurate reporting.  On April 11, 2012, Brian Williams again demonstrated NBC’s anti-gun agenda with the claim that the Model 870, Model 1100 and other Remington firearms have a design flaw.  That claim is demonstrably false and Remington stands fully behind the safety and reliability of the most popular shotguns in the world.

It wasn’t enough for NBC to attack over 20 million Remington firearms; they also called the Second Amendment into question by suggesting that there is a need for increased government regulation of firearms.

Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth – these shotguns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions.  Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, which are valued for their performance and durability by millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military personnel who have relied on Remington.

As the basis for its attacks, NBC continues to rely upon paid “experts” who have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s attorneys to testify against Remington and at least 16 other firearms manufacturers.  The facts show that the Model 870 and 1100 are two of the most reliable shotguns ever produced – only one lawsuit has been filed in the last seven years and no litigation is pending against the trigger mechanisms of these firearms.

Deceptively editing and ignoring readily available documents and video evidence to drive NBC’s agenda is an all too familiar tactic.  Remington stands by the reliability and safety of its firearms and will fully respond to NBC’s attempt to disparage these iconic American products.

Please visit to see more of Remington’s response.

NBC’s Report on the CFC

This is the majority of the report from April 11, 2012 by NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.

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