Disaster Relief Supply Appeals to the Outdoors Market



From the opening of its doors and the launch of its website, Disaster Relief Supply has focused on supplying emergency preparedness and disaster recovery items to its loyal “survivalist” customer base. With the summer months approaching, a new kind of customer has arisen as a major purchaser of Disaster Relief Supply products; outdoors-men.

With competitive pricing the #1 concern of online shoppers, DRSupply is looking more and more appealing as a supplier of hunting, hiking, boating, camping, and different outdoor activity supplies. Given a stringent policy on low prices, Disaster Relief Supply is able to draw in customers knowing that consumers care less about who they’re buying from, and more about how much it costs. An emergency preparedness retailer is no different than a camping gear supplier in the eyes of the average consumer.

Originally, Disaster Relief Supply had little interest in catering to markets outside of its niche target market, but coincidentally many of their products inherently cross the emergency/recreation divide to become multipurpose items good in multiple situations. An example of this is DRSupply’s high-quality selection of both deet and deet-free insect repellents and insect killers. Meant for use in emergency or disaster recovery scenarios, these products have become a top seller for hunters and preppers alike. With a recent increase in merchandise categories like emergency foods, water containers/filters, and water & food coolers, recreational customers are finding more and more reasons to check into the Disaster Relief Supply online store.

In the coming months, sales in camping and other outdoors gear is expected to increase. The management at Disaster Relief Supply has taken note of this and is intending on adding more of a selection for this very welcomed new clientele.

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