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Web entrepreneurs Joel and Linda Barlow are pleased to debut their gun safe store, Responsible firearm owners are invited to browse the site for incredible deals on top of the line gun safes and accessories.

“Having a gun in a home without a safe is not acceptable,” said Joel. “Especially if you have kids, like we do, you want to take precautions so they can’t accidentally get their hands on a loaded weapon.”

Added Linda, “Joel is on the volunteer fire departments and he’s been on several calls where kids and adults have gotten into firearm accidents that were completely preventable had the proper precautions been taken.”

Secure a small firearm in any room of a home with the help of a GunVault biometric
DrawerVault that fits and operates inside most standard drawers, and features the patented No-Eyes® keypad. GunVault’s foolproof security and rock-solid construction can also be found in the GunVault MiniVault deluxe and GunVault MultiVault biometric safes featured on the site. In need of a portable small gun safe? Check out the nano and micro vaults for sale that weigh five pounds or less and can be mounted almost anywhere. Not just for guns, any of the aforementioned safes can be used to secure valuables like jewelry, passports, and birth certificates.

“A lot of people carry handguns for personal safety, so I usually recommend the biometric safes to them. They swing open with your handprint so you can get to your weapon easily,” said Linda.

“Hopefully, you’ll never have to use your weapon, but there may be a situation where you need to in order to protect yourself and your family,” said Joel.

For larger guns, choose from a number of affordable Crown Series double wide gun safes. Each one features a 14 bolt system and S&G combo lock made in the USA. Safe accessories available through the site include safe light mechanisms, security cables, lockdown handgun racks, hygrometer, lockdown silica gel and more.

Customer service is the number one priority at The Barlows stand behind the quality of the safes they offer and are confident that their prices are among the lowest online. If a desired gun safe or accessory isn’t immediately found on the site, then the Barlows urge customers to call in so they can personally track down the item.

Additional gun safety information and gun safe reviews can be found on the site’s new interactive blog,

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