This Week on Student of the Gun: The Red Zone and the One Box Workout


We head back to the Camden, Tennessee and the Tactical Response shooting range to take a look at a new training course call the “The Red Zone”.  Tactical Response hosted the training program led by David Biggers.   “The purpose of the Red Zone is simple,” explained Biggers. “It’s all about learning to use a firearm in a realistic environment, not the static, unrealistic environment of the square range. In the real world the bad guys mix with the good guys and we have to deal with that.”

During the One Box Workout segment we take consider one method for skill maintenance.  The One Box Workout consists of the several practices drills that can be conducted using a single, 50 round box of training ammunition.  Student of the Gun airs every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday on the Sportsman Channel.  Please check your local service provider for dates and times.

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