Deer Hunter Reloaded Video Game Introduces X-Ray Mode


Just recently, Glu Mobile Inc., a leading global developer and publisher of games for mobile and tablet devices, acquired the Deer Hunter trademark. Deer Hunter is said to be one of the most popular and realistic hunting games on the market. Soon, Glu Games will release an updated version of the game, Deer Hunter Reloaded.

An added feature that has forums buzzing is the new “X-ray vision” mode. The game allows players to switch between X-ray and normal vision to aim directly for the brains, heart or lungs of their prey.


Already the added X-ray vision has some game enthusiasts questioning whether this is too much. Pocket Gamer on said, “hunting games have always been sort of borderline when it comes to grotesque brutality… this [X-ray vision] is something else. It almost seems over the line, even for this hardcore veteran of the worst shock sites the Internet has to offer.”

Deer Hunter Reloaded will be available soon as a free-to-play title. It will feature sixteen upgradeable weapons ranging from shotguns to handguns and a customizable avatar with different hunting gear.

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