New Wire Weights from Knot2Kinky


For social order’s sake, amending laws should only be done through the proper processes: The public voices their opinion. Politicians write bills. Legislators vote. If majority rules, only then is there an amendment.

But not every culture abides entirely to the democratic processes. Take the society of serious anglers, as well as the roundtable of respected tackle manufactures (the avant-garde ones, anyways), all of which create their own set of rules when it comes to crafting products. Without the clamor, and companies willing to satisfy, cutting-edge equipment would not exist. At least until after the next election…

Aquateko, one of the chief game-changers in the fishing industry, is one such company. They demonstrated that by breaking the rules of common fishing law and introduced the clearly radical rotating InvisaSwivel and knotable, stretchable Knot2Kinky leader line. And as soon as the company heard the latest word on the water was that anglers wanted a break from ordinary heavy-pound-test wire leader in preference of thinner, lighter material, they didn’t wait for Parliamentary procedure. Instead, Aquateko immediately produced three new leaner weights: 18-, 12-, and 6-pound-test Knot2Kinky – the latter the lightest on the market.

Why such low tests and thin diameter in an alloy leader line? So that lightweight lures and flies could still keep their strike inducing wiggles and jiggles yet not be bitten off in a single chomp. And like Knot2Kinky’s heavy-duty brethren, these lighter leaders withstand the rigors of saltwater and the smaller tooth-laden species that swim about the sodium saturate waterways.

“The lighter-test Knot2Kinky leaders are perfect for when I take my family on fly-in trips to Ontario, Canada’s PK Resorts, where my Rapala crankbaits being nipped off by northerns can be a common occurrence. And where a trip to the sporting goods store to buy more isn’t an option,” says walleye tournament pro Mark Martin. “And unlike the heavy wire leaders of the past, the new thin-wire Knot2Kinky material can be tied directly to little lures and won’t impede the action whether cast or trolled.”

Also reminiscent of their seven bigger brothers, the three new narrower wire versions of Knot2Kinky are made of the same professional grade, stronger-than-titanium metals that stretch, so hard strikes don’t snap ‘em, and are kink proof and corrosion resistant. And all ten weights of Knot2Kinky still come in both 15- and 30-foot lengths.

The laws of heavy wire leader needed to be breached… And fast. Without a doubt, creating a lightweight tooth-proof, kink-proof wire leader was a unanimously acceptable change.

Amending the laws of line with lighter Knot2Kinky is finished…in a filibuster.

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