Changes in the Wisconsin Wolf Depredation Payment Program



Recently enacted legislation has changed the process and timeline and may impact the compensation schedule for livestock, hunting dogs and pets proven to have been killed or injured by gray wolves.

With the removal of the wolf from the federal endangered and threatened species list, the DNR Bureau of Endangered Resources will no longer be paying for wolf depredations.

New guidelines for wolf depredation payments will be developed over the next few months. However, several changes in wolf depredation payments will go into effect immediately including the following:

  • Reimbursement payments will be made only once a year, normally after December, when funds will be available in the wolf payment accounts.
  • If funds are not adequate DNR will pro-rate payment among all those with wolf depredation losses, including livestock producers, owners of hunting dogs not being used to actively hunt wolves, and pet owners.

You can find more details in the DNR news release.

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