Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon State Park Announces Additional Raptor Closures for Golden Eagles


An active golden eagle nest was discovered recently in Eldorado Canyon State Park, near Rattlesnake Gulch. Staff from the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks along with Colorado Parks and Wildlife have decided to close a 1-mile segment of the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail to protect the nesting and roosting sites until the eaglets have fledged, approximately mid-July.

The majority of the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail is out of sight of the nest and access to the old Crags Hotel Ruins and the Continental Divide Overlook will remain open for hiking and mountain biking.

Human disturbances near the nest can cause abandonment and nest failure. As human actions and breeding and prey habitat loss continue to impact eagle populations, it is even more essential that visitors to their homes respect these temporary restrictions.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer raptor monitor, please contact the park at (303) 494-3943.

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