WaveSpin Adding MicroWave Guide System


Tackle inventor Doug Hannon hasn’t been idle since the patent, production and now growing success of eight tangle-free WaveSpin spinning reel models. In his search for the perfect cast he saw the need to eliminate something every spinning rod has.

“I’ve wanted to perfect the dynamics of the cast and ‘ stop’ the line’s wide helical — the corkscrew spiraling — and eliminate the distance robbing line slap as it goes through the first, second and successive guides,” said Hannon also known as “The Bass Professor.”

“I knew we could improve performance for longer, smoother more accurate casts as the line leaves the reel at 22,000 RPM. And we have,” he smiled.

The MicroWave Guide was first introduced on CastAway Rods and designed into six spinning rods, many matched with WaveSpin Reels. Anglers who tried the CastAway/ MicroWave design, on 6 ½ – 8 ft. rods voiced their approvals on many fishing blogs and forums:

“Absolutely a noticeable difference, definitely casts farther and smoother.”

“The guide was designed for longer more accurate casts and it makes a noticeable difference there, but I think it may help prevent wind-knots too because it stops line oscillations early.”

“With the MicroWave guide the cast is MUCH smoother, longer, and more accurate.”

“The guide really keeps wind knots down and gives you smoother quieter casts. The rod is bulletproof and is one of the best rods I have ever owned. The guide is great and I want it on every spinning rod I own from now on.”

MicroWave Guide evolves into complete system; introduction at ICAST in Orlando


But Hannon knew he could tweak the proficiency of the cast even more.

“We’re taking the success of the MicroWave Guide several steps further, not only as an advancement but as a complete guide system from the rod butt to its tip,” said Hannon. “Each of the eight to nine guides is lighter and tailored to work to maximize the function of the system to cast farther, faster and smoother, and to be lighter, more sensitive than anything on the market.

“No matter what nylon, braid or fluorocarbon lines they use, anglers will feel a noticeable difference in casting and in using lighter finesse type baits.”

The new Doug Hannon MicroWave Guide System by American Tackle will debut this July at ICAST 2012 trade show in Orlando and be on the market in that same month as well.

“Several nationally known brands of rod builders have approached us. Incorporating the MicroWave Guide System, will add a new class of spinning rods to their product lines and be a dramatic step over traditional spinning rods. This guide system will be great on any spinning rod using any spinning reel, but an extra special match when used with a WaveSpin Model.”

The lightweight bodies on all eight models (8 to 12.5 oz) hold a variety of line capacities and each drag operates on a lifetime waterproof lubricant Hannon engineered and perfected.

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