Ag Hub Hires Duane Robison as National Sales Director


Ag Hub, the online platform leader for advertisers and publishers targeting the agricultural community, has announced the addition of Duane Robison as their national sales director.

“Not only does Ag Hub have the largest audience of any online media property in the space, but we also provide a number of ways to reach our audience with incredible ROIs for advertisers,” said Hyaat Chaudhary, Chief Operating Officer of Outdoor Hub. With the addition of Duane to our team, we will be able to help more agricultural companies expand their online presence like never before.”

In his role as national sales director, Robison will lead the company’s aggressive entry into the agricultural space with his deep rooted relationships in the agricultural industry.

Robison comes to Ag Hub with seventeen years of experience in the sales industry — the past ten years being from a leading agricultural media company. Robison earned the distinction of being the top overall salesman for his company for the past ten years. Most recently Robison was responsible for developing and selling integrated multi-media campaigns using print, digital, TV, and events across multiple channels to top B2B clients and agencies.

“As part of the senior leadership team for that company, Robison spearheaded and managed highly-successful event sponsorships.” Robison spearheaded and manager highly-successful events sponsorships. Robison will be in the forefront to provide effective results for all Ag Hub clients.

“Ag Hub is the number one digital media property in the space, so naturally it would make sense to hire Duane, the number one national salesman in the space. Together we plan to build on Ag Hub’s position as a market leader in agriculture online,” said Chaudhary.

About Ag Hub

Founded in 2011 by Outdoor Hub, Ag Hub is already the leading online platform leader for advertisers and publishers targeting the agricultural community. Since 2006, Outdoor Hub has been the leader in online advertising campaigns for the outdoor industry and has amassed nearly 400 websites in its ecosystem of web communities, garnering a monthly audience reach of nearly 15 million unique visitors.

Outdoor Hub focuses on creating an exceptional platform to assist advertisers in reaching different audiences and publishers promoting informative content. Ag Hub will build on the creative success of its founder and will incorporate their concepts to build long-lasting relationships with ag publishers and advertisers.

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