We Need Your Help to Protect Fishing Rights in New Hampshire



Attend the April 24, Legislative hearing and show your opposition to unjustified fishing tackle bans

Can’t Attend the Meeting?

Even if you are unable to attend next week’s meeting, you can still take action by sending a message to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in opposition to this scientifically and biologically unjustified fishing tackle ban. Fill out the form below to send your message today.

Here is the Issue

On March 28, the New Hampshire Senate passed legislation (SB 224) that will expand current restrictions on the use of lead sinkers and jigs in state waters. The Senate adopted an amendment, supported by loon preservation advocates and lake shore owners, that would further expand the proposed ban by prohibiting the use of any lead jig measuring 2.5 inches or less. Current regulations banning the use of lead jigs measuring one inch or less are already onerous enough and have impacted the ability of New Hampshire’s anglers to enjoy the sport.

Now that the bill is in the House of Representatives for consideration, it is more important than ever that New Hampshire’s state policy makers hear from YOU.

Your Help is Crucial in Defeating Lead Tackle Bans

With all of the pressure from anti-fishing interests, it is vital that New Hampshire’s sportsmen and women speak up against this unwarranted legislation. Attend the April 24, hearing at New Hampshire General Court’s Legislative Office Building to deliver the message that you are a recreational angler, a conservationist and against unjustified fishing tackle regulations. Even if you don’t want to testify, you can still sign in and check that you oppose SB 224.

Why Should You Oppose SB 224?

Scientific data to support the original ban of certain lead tackle products, much less the proposed expansion of that ban, is sorely lacking. Loon mortality from ingestion of lead sinkers is the primary reason given by proponents of lead tackle bans, but loon populations across New Hampshire are not negatively impacted by current recreational fishing activities. Additionally, fishing tackle made from alternatives to lead can be much more expensive and may not perform as well.

If we don’t act soon, the cost of fishing in New Hampshire may soon become unaffordable for many anglers.

Key Messages to Share at the Hearing

  • As an avid angler and staunch conservationist, I oppose SB 224, which would expand an already onerous ban on the use of lead fishing sinkers and jigs throughout our state.
  • Loon populations in New Hampshire are in no danger and there is a dearth of science to support expansion of these unwarranted restrictions at the expense of anglers and the small tackle businesses that they support.
  • Any lead restrictions need to be based on scientific data that supports the appropriate action for a particular water body or species.
  • While supporters of this legislation claim that there are many comparable alternatives to lead sinkers and jigs, this is not the case. Fishing tackle made from alternatives to lead can be much more expensive and may not perform as well.
  • No ban will cause the price of non-lead tackle to decrease because the cost of raw materials such as tin and tungsten are 10 to 20 times more than lead, respectively.
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