Steven Rinella Returns to Midwest Hunting Roots on Sportsman Channel Sunday



Steven Rinella has never forgotten his hunting roots – and that’s exactly what viewers will experience when MeatEater travels to Wisconsin for premium hunting and Midwestern hospitality.  Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, is proud to take viewers to America’s heartland for a weekend of whitetail hunting. Viewers will not only learn about a local farmer’s unique buck management program, but will get to watch Rinella take aim on some smaller game for the ultimate feast. The action begins on Sunday, April 22 at 9 p.m. EST.

The southwestern part of Wisconsin is known the Driftless Area, and this region of America’s Dairyland is not only full of Packers fans, but also is home to big bucks and an abundance of small game.  Rinella seeks out friend and fellow hunter Doug Duren, and along with Doug’s neighbors, the group plans a local’s version of a Game Drive to harvest a mature buck for an unforgettable dinner.  It’s all hands on deck for the hunt, and the team eventually lands themselves a good-eating midsized buck.  Even though the buck is down, the hunt is not over – Rinella adds to excitement with a rabbit and squirrel hunt to round out his ingredients for a home-cooked heartland stew.

“I grew up in the Midwest hunting deer, rabbits, and squirrels,” says Steve Rinella, Host of MeatEater.  “This is how I cut my teeth hunting, and it’s always a privilege to return to the Midwest for some great hunting.  Along with Whitetail Deer, harvesting cottontails and squirrels reminds me why I love hunting all different types of game – big and small.”

The action then moves to the kitchen where Rinella introduces a menu of deer, rabbit and squirrel. After the proper preparation, he creates a mouth-watering feast that leaves viewers hungry and demanding the recipe so they can create their own version to feed their families and friends.

Audiences will also be interested to find out why Rinella dons a Sombrero! 

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