Update: Ted Nugent has commented on his guilty plea in an interview with Glenn Beck. Click here to watch the video.

Famed rocker and outdoorsman Ted Nugent has filed a plea agreement in the U.S. District Court in Anchorage, Alaska for a case in which he is alleged to have illegally harvested a black bear. According to the terms of the agreement, Nugent will plead guilty to one count of transporting an illegally hunted bear.

The court documents and plea agreement state that Nugent was filming an episode of his television show on Alaska’s Sukkwan Island in 2009 when he was hunting near a bait pile set to attract bears. During the hunt Nugent shot a bear with an arrow which he “Failed to locate and harvest.” Four days later, he shot and killed another black bear and moved it off the island.

Alaskan hunting laws stipulate that the bear Nugent wounded filled his limit, making the second an illegal kill. By transporting the bear off the island Nugent violated the federal Lacey Act.

Nugent has yet to be sentenced but, according to Radar, prosecutors are recommending two years of probation and a ban on hunting and fishing in Alaska for one year plus a $10,000 fine.

Nugent has agreed to create a public service announcement that will, according to court documents, “discuss the importance of a hunter’s responsibility in know the rules and regulations of the hunting activities that they engage in.”

photo: screenshot from joepagsradio via YouTube, Black bear image on homepage: Michael Maher, the4mahers1997 on flickr

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  • Outdoor Crazy

    Well even though Ted nugent made a mistake, and even if the guy is kind of a d bag, he is the nuge still. While not my first choice to have in my deer camp, we still are with you Nuge! I am sure he didnt “know” the rules.I was going to invite nugent to go on a bear hunt with us this season in Alaska, but…

    • Moose

      To claim he didn’t know the laws is pathetic. He seems to think he is expert in all things hunting and politics. Maybe his punishment should be that he stay in Alaska so he can match political knowledge with Palin

    •  are you really that fucking ignorant?

  • Outdoor Crazy

    my point is that he has done more to help and protect conservation then most people ever dream of. Nugent is a conservationist more then a poacher is my point.

    •  Again…are you really that fucking stupid?…Because the guy goes on a tv show and does a radio interview does not make him a gun rights or hunter spokesman..Nugget has had more than his share of run ins with the game and fish. Last year he was fined for video taping (stupid motherfucker) him illegally killing another animal..He does it time and time again, proving he gives a shit less about the rules and regs that apply to the average person who can’t afford the fines he pays..

    • @ Outdoor Crazy – I wouldn’t bother responding to this guy. His version of intellectual discourse is profanity-laced insults and is not worth your time.

  • We are with you brother Ted and love what you have done for the sport of archery! Let him who can (honestly) say he has never made a mistake or screwed up cast the first stone!
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    • Old School

       John possibly not the first time he’s been involved in something like this. Do a little research if you will, and there has been rumors there were other indiscretions that went unpublicized.  I’m just saying….

  • how does a so-called conversationist hunt over a bait pile to kill a black bear, and then leave it to rot, without harvesting ???

    “The court documents and plea agreement state that Nugent was filming an episode of his television show on Alaska’s Sukkwan Island in 2009 when he was hunting near a bait pile set to attract bears. During the hunt Nugent shot a bear with an arrow which he “Failed to locate and harvest.” Four days later, he shot and killed another black bear and moved it off the island.”

    The World According to Ted Nugent the one hit

    Quotes and Stories from Ted’s Writings and


    He claims that 30 days before his draft board
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    everybody.” – Detroit Free Press Magazine , July 15, 1990


    1995 interview with Bob Mack for Grand Royal


    • Medic150

      All screw-ups aside. I love this guy! Uncle Ted is a role model for the average American bowhunter and an advocate for those of us who’s voices will never be heard. So the crime do the time (or pay the fine). And then let’s get back to the business of hunting and pursuing our greatest passion. Also, dude…lay off the profanity. You have valid points but they are blinded to most by your revoltingly disrespectful potty mouth.

      • Old School

         Well he plays that ‘Rambo’ in your face card pretty good, and I’m sure he believes it by now himself. I just wonder, you hear stuff and it don’t sound good. Tough guys hopping up and down and snarling at authority, convention and manners is communicating some personality quirk IMHO. The reality is usually quite different from what you’d think.

  • Old School

    This story has a familiar ring to it. Nugent plead guilty to illegal harvest methods taking deer in the Yuba County area of Northern California, I believe. If correct this begins to sound like a pattern of behavior. Just because you share a few issues in common with someone doesn’t mean they’re worth trust and admiration.

  • Just look’n for ANY reason to persecute him because he is brave enough to verbally stand up against the Obama regime!

  • Vafarrier

    Ted you can hunt at my club when you want !! hell you got my vote in November you are the man we need in the white house!

  • yankeedeerslayer

    Know your laws and check them twice. Keep them with you and don’t trust the word of others.

  • munkeephun

    If he’s such a great hunter why wasn’t he able to track and finish off the poor bear instead of leaving it to suffer?

  • Jennbow24

    That’s just like saying a fisherman that has one to get away has to count that as well because it had a hook in its mouth!! Smh!!

  • Mike

    Ted is a douche bag, Anti-American Tea bagger.

  • Shame on you OutdoorHub for being more about sales and marketing with your choice of headlines here than you are about protecting our hunting tradition. You KNOW a title like this not only makes Ted but all hunters look bad, and by buying in and creating a headline that even suggests that Ted is just another “criminal, game violator” because of this obscure charge, is shameful. I expect this from liberal newspapers and such, but from a publication dedicated to outdoor news for hunters? Those that don’t have time to read this story or watch the video will have drawn incorrect conclusions. Like him or not, Ted Nugent is the best advocate we hunters have, and he is one of the only people that, fortunately, has the resources to fight these maniacs that continually try to shut him up and put him away. Please be more conscious of the effect your titles have on the real truths of these stories and be less concerned with your “shock & awe” headlines.