SYNC: The Best Real-Time Geotagging Android App


The “SYNC” Android application enables a quick and easy way to share a user’s location and tracks in real-time location between users, family members or groups of users directly on a map. It also allows the user to monitor public user groups (i.e. taxi drivers, taxi companies, strikes, protests, public gatherings and performances, even deliveries etc.) as well as private groups of friends or acquaintances. In addition this application allows the user to have control over which groups he/she wants to follow and whether he/she wishes to be followed i.e. be part of any public or private group of users. The application will allow the user to easily create his/her own groups and add users who would like to include in his/her groups created.

The objective when the full version is released is that this Application can act as an added security measure for people on the road or in isolated locations. Users can now have peace of mind when on the road or alone by notifying friends at other locations to monitor their movements in the event of unforeseen incidents (i.e. students can notify friends to monitor their location when walking home alone, users can notify friends during increment weather, and families can “SYNC” each other at events when members have to separated)

A crucial part of the application is monitoring locations between the users themselves, which should be done very precisely and in real-time without any delay and repression. Because of the very claims of this main feature of the application, the application uses latest standards and technologies such as web sockets server provided by provider’s equivalent such as push notifications. To allow spreading the application to more users, it will enable integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, through which users can invite their friends or followers to download the application, or it can do so through email invitations sent to their contacts from their Android mobile phones.

Sync application can be downloaded from Android Market (Google Play):

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