MGM Targets’ Posse Does Well at Texas Multigun



The Texas Multigun Championship was held over this past weekend and five MGM Targets’ sponsored shooters finished in the top 20 on the scoreboard. Among over 400 competitors, 300 in the Tactical Division, these veteran shooters maneuvered the course and fought for the top billing.

The match was held in Liberty Hill, Texas at the Best of the West Shooting Sports. This beautiful range features a 1000 yard rifle range, skeet shooting, hunting and shooting classes and a retail store. It is located just outside of Austin, TX and north of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge.

The MGM Targets top 20 finishers were, 4th place Greg Jordan, 8th place Keith Garcia, 12th place Pat Kelley, 14th place Matt Burkett, and 17th place went to Travis Gibson. Travis Gibson, Vice President of MGM Targets stated, “It was a great weekend. Challenging set ups and fun. I was very pleased to see so many of the MGM sponsored shooters finishing as high as they did.”

Three of the MGM Shooters went on to the 3-Gun Shoot Off. Patrick Kelley, Greg Jordan and Keith Garcia performed well but a missed target, a gun failure and a supreme effort by Burton Thompson sent the crew to the showers.

For all of the finishers in the multiple division match please go to:

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