LaGuard Introduces a Fitness Vest to the Pet Care Industry


LaGuard is proud to introduce the LaGuard Fitness Vest, a product that has created a brand new segment in the pet care industry. It maximizes the workout efforts of your canine pet without spending hours trying to obtain specific results. The LaGuard Fitness Vest increases a canine’s overall physical and mental health during the course of his/her lifespan. This is made possible by the patented design of the LaGuard Fitness Vest, which has three primary functions.

First, the LaGuard Fitness Vest serves as an exercise apparatus featuring a patented weighting system, allowing for easy adjustment of your pet’s resistance level. Second, the LaGuard Fitness Vest acts as a harness, made with durable materials that provide the ultimate comfort for your dog. Finally, The LaGuard Fitness Vest serves as an obedience tool, keeping your pet more focused during the training process.

Veterinarians, humane societies, trainers and pet clubs have conducted case studies chronicling the benefits of the LaGuard Fitness Vest. Data collected indicates that the LaGuard Fitness Vest dramatically improves the effectiveness of a canine’s exercise regimen, even exercises as simple as fetch.

In an unprecedented partnership with the United Kennel Club and Purina, LaGuard, Inc. served as a proud sponsor of this year’s UKC Gateway Nationals in Gray Summit, MO. The LaGuard Fitness Vest was given to the winners of the “Total Dog- Best in Show” in the conformation, agility and obedience competitions. This ongoing partnership will contribute to the credibility and visibility of the LaGuard Fitness Vest.

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