In this video clip, Glenn Beck interviews Ted Nugent regarding the “illegal hunting” charges he recently plead guilty to in Alaska. Nugent goes on to discuss run-ins he’s had with other government agencies in the past few weeks, including the controversy surrounding Michigan’s new feral swine law.

You can read more about the Michigan invasive swine law Nugent mentions here.


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20 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Explains Guilty Plea for Illegal Bear Hunting in Alaska

  1. Why doesn’t he explain how come he constantly fails to research the hunting laws where he films???? I mean, come on Ted…first California and now Alaska???

    Christ, pay somebody to do your homework if your too lazy too…

    1. Why would any of you make Ted the enemy here? I am not a Ted fan but what I I I i don’t understand is why anyone here would support the over regulated system we have. It’s absolutely insane to say let’s keep making laws that have no purpose to fit the agenda of activists because that is exactly what we are doing. You enjoy the tax code and the way it is today where the IRS could very well concoct a scenario on anyone of us where we were in default due to the fact the laws and codes are so out of sorts? Well that’s where our game laws are headed and in many cases already are. The government regulation we are under right now is absurd and those of you who support this agenda are a disappointment. It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing, because quit frankly they both are horribly misguided. Their elected to do the will of the people, not the will of what they think is best for the people and their career. We are suppose to be free in America but what we are creating is a society where every move we make is regulated by some sort of law. God have mercy on us…

  2. Agree with skip’s comment. It’s every hunters job to do their due diligence in attempting to learn the laws pertaining to the game they are hunting. Ted is intellectually lazy and makes too many excuses…take some responsibility.

  3. There are hunting regulations, fishing regulations, and then there are other pamphlets that have additional information about where you hunt or fish, and that is the problem.
    They don’t tell you about additional regulations and info that YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!
    They do not include all regulations in the regulation summary your given when you get your hunting/fishing license. The DNR, ASWT & ADF&G here don’t even know there own regulations. I have called the ADF&G office on numerous occasions and the dumba$$e$ have no clue what I am even talking about. So when you say read the regulations before hunting or fishing, realize there is more to it than what is given to you for you to follow. Alaska has turned into a Police State and after living here for over 30 years, I am seriously considering leaving. There is no justice for the outdoorsman here, anymore.

  4. It’s time to relieve Nobama & his cronies of their destructive habits. I would like to see Ted on the ballot!!

  5. poor poor American people, this BS is ruining our country, or has ruined our country, Ted I want to work for and with you,

  6. Alaska does make it really hard to get it right. Laws on fishing CAN change overnight. Nugent however does have some character issues that make him a lousy spokesperson. While I appreciate and laud his anti-Obama campaign, he has on a couple of occasions been issues with his hunting. This was a Federal Vendetta, however Nugent has violated the law in California and other places.

  7. With the government dominating our lives and interests in so many areas, I’m glad that someone like Ted Nugent is calling them out on their burdensome rules and regulations. In fact, we need more people like Ted to stand up for our unalieanble rights.

  8. I can’t say I was ever a Ted Nugent Fan, except for liking Cat Scratch Fever (back in the day). I like him more now. My wife and I share his interests in hunting and conservation.
    The Feds have really done him wrong. And they’ll keep digging up bones as long as they can. I’ll bet anyone who reads this, has bones of their own they’d like to keep buried. I’m with “Uncle Ted” all the way!

  9. Stand up sportsman/sportswomen or it will be YOU directly being accused of these issues albeit maybe only indirectly now..Thank you Ted, Glenn Beck, the NRA and others like them for SHOUTING the message of proper game management, hunter/fisher rights, exposing mis-guided-mis-informed-uninformed animal rights, media based, unconstitutional & emotion based rational B.S. ! Ignorance does not excuse breaking of a law, but come on, really. I suspect average Joe hunter/local boy would not get the media coverage &/or the Felony threat, let alone the amount of F&W officers that showed up for the bust. He took it like the upstanding sportsman he is, stating “I’m guilty”. Ted isn’t the kind of guy to go down quietly though and that is what pissed off the Feds

  10. Really??? Good guy with a good heart, but also a mega millionaire. How could he not have someone telling him what the rules are?? He plead to baiting a couple years ago too. If your gonna film, be a spokesman, and be all over the news, PAY SOMEONE TO INFORM YOU!!! It makes all us poor hunters look like idiots too!!

  11. I love the nuge. he can be ridiculous but in the end he is all about protecting our rights to hunt and to bare arms. he also is all about conservation. For any of his nuttiness, slip ups, or goofy antics there is way more good then bad in the end for the outdoors. We are with you Brother Nuge!

  12. I must say, I was not surprised by the attack on you Ted. I support you and respect your effort as a hunter and spokes person. We now are living in a time when we no longer fear the criminal, but we fear the government and police. I am a minister, hunter and conservationist. But if you are not lying down and submitting to every rape of our constitutional rights, you are deemed a menace to the conformity , there fore an enemy of the state. Please, Ted, don’t back down. My people and I will pray Gods wisdom and protection over you and your family. I write this knowing that in writing this, I to could become at risk. But if you don’t have some thing that you are willing to die for then you really don’t have any thing to live for. Jesus is Lord .Jan Maese

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