Dead Meat Travels to Alaska for Mouthwatering Sea Creatures This Sunday on Sportsman Channel



If sea cucumbers and other sea creatures are on your list of “things to eat”, then this episode of Dead Meat is your destination! Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American sportsman, takes viewers and food connoisseurs on a fascinating trip to Alaska. Dead Meat is hosted by America’s leading authority on the proper preparation of fish and game, Scott Leysath, aka The Sporting Chef, as he travels to common U.S. destinations with uncanny food convictions. On this wintery journey to Sitka, Alaska, Leysath will possibly re-shape what most people view as edible. Watch Dead Meat on Sunday, April 29 at 9:30 p.m. EST for an Alaskan experience you won’t forget.

The winter months in Sitka, Alaska are pleasant and generally more laid back than the busy summer season. Leysath is passionate about fishing for all types of foods and preparing them to taste fresh and delectable – including various sea creatures.  Leysath seeks out the experience of local veterinarian, lighthouse keeper and dive-fisherman, Burgess Bauder to help discover a cornucopia of seafood.  After hours of dive-fishing into icy cold waters, the crew corralled bags of “different” seafood that left Leysath intrigued by the possibilities.

“This was a tremendous experience and one I’ll treasure for life,” said Scott Leysath, Host of Dead Meat. “The guys in the water did the real work as they found rock scallops, swimming scallops, gumboots, sea urchins and anything else in season.  The highlight of this culinary adventure was having Burgess show me how to process and prepare slimy, surreal-looking sea cucumbers and giant geoduck clams. The key is plenty of butter and garlic, lots of garlic.”

Fishing for crab and rockfish are also among the highlights in this Alaskan journey. Leysath joins local fishing guide Tad Kisaka for a great fishing day which yields a handful of rockfish, which was eaten raw on the boat.

Leysath has traveled the country for the past 15 years, sharing his own brand of fish and game cookery.  Along the way, he’s worked beside some of America’s best restaurant chefs, but it’s the “real people” who hunt and cook creatures outside the realm of mainstream cuisine that interest Chef Leysath.   He’s a hunter, angler, chef and “regular guy” outdoorsman who hits the roads less traveled for a glimpse at how his people hunt, fish, gather, trap and snare their catch and, of course, how they cook it.

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