SIG SAUER’s Max Michel, Jr. Wins USPSA Area 1 Single-Stack Title



Max Michel, Jr., continued his United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Single-Stack campaign with a win at the Area 1 Championship this weekend in St. George, Utah.

The match stages featured a relatively high target count, which added to the difficulty for Single-Stack competitors who are limited to 8-round magazines. Cleverly designed stages forced competitors to carefully plan out their runs.

“Each course had mostly close- to mid-range targets with lots of hard cover and no-shoots. Therefore, it looked like it was a run-and-gun type of match,” Michel said. “But once you started shooting, you realized really quickly you had to focus on accuracy.”

Frequent speed reloads and target re-acquisition made the Area 1 Championship a perfect test of Michel’s new SIG SAUER 1911 Max handgun.

“I’m shooting some Single-Stack matches so I can give the 1911 Max a true trial by fire,” Michel said. “No product development test can duplicate the stresses of match competition.”

As the Manager of Competitive Shooting Activities, Michel has an active role in the development of SIG SAUER’s competitive firearms. The 1911 Max is the first signature pistol to come from this program.

Max’s score of 1613.0269 was 97.7605 points better than the runner-up. Michel also won 8 of the 12 stages on his way to the Single-Stack title.

Michel returns to competition next weekend at the Single-Stack Nationals in Barry, Ill.

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