According to everything I’ve read online, the Silencers Are Legal Shoot held in Dallas, Texas over the weekend was a safe, enjoyable and productive time for all attendees. Unfortunately, something went wrong with a suppressor mounted on a Mk 46 machine gun (a variant of the 5.56x45mm M249 SAW) at the shoot. According to comments online, the suppressor had wiggled loose, causing bullets leaving the muzzle to strike one of the baffles in the accessory, launching it down range. Thankfully, no one was hurt – though the destruction of an expensive piece of equipment like a suppressor is certainly painful for the person who has to replace it! Check out the video of the incident below.


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2 thoughts on “Video: Suppressed Machine Gun Baffle Strike Failure

  1. Ouch… we used to launch 25mm cannon barrels down range once in a while. Of course it was an enclosed testing range, not open like this. Not that it was supposed to happen either, but you know… Check that equipment out folks, stuff happens.

  2. That guy looks like an idiot. After something that could have cause some serious damage maybe even killed someone he cant get a knuckled fast enough. Fool.

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