We will have a rundown of Top Shot tomorrow, but for now … here are five quick thoughts on the final episode of the History Channel’s blockbuster:

  1. First elimination challenge called for competitors to take a Winchester ’73 to two six level shooting trees. Between the four men left, I thought Augie and Greg would surely send Chris and Gary to the shoot off. As luck would have it, the exact opposite happened.
  2. The shooting gallery challenge was a complete snoozefest. Going into the final round, Chris Cheng had the finals in the bag after nailing a mere TWO shots. Greg and Gary had zippo. With one left to go, Gary put a jar of maraschino cherries at 35 feet and misses. Greg nails it — his sixth successful elimination challenge — and heads into the finals.
  3. Heading into the finals, we had an IT geek and a well-trained, seasoned military firearms instructor. Was there really ever a question as to who would come out on top?
  4. The final challenge was the closest run yet. Chris took an early lead, Greg roared back to claim the chance until Chang pulled the grenade launching trigger just a few seconds quicker. Actually, it was Greg’s first shot miss that gave Chris the opportunity – one he grabbed with both hands.
  5. Great fun on this season of Top Shot. Favorite moments include Chee Kwan repeatedly bouncing off the obstacle course wall, Greg handing out the “friendship” bandana, Gabby as the first woman to make it to the green shirts and who will ever forget “Hey diddle diddle, right down the middle”. Thank you ladies and gents … it was a blast.

photo: NRA Blog courtesy of History Channel.

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