The 2012 competitive clay target season started with a bang for the men and women of Team Beretta, amassing 38 trophies and 15 championships in only the first few competitions. With the majority of the season in front of them, Team Beretta looks to continue where they left off in 2011-winning.

Kicking off the season with the Seminole Cup, Team Beretta took home 22 trophies including Dan Carlisle’s Main and 5-Stand Veteran Champion placement, Will Fennell’s PH Prelim Championship and Bruce Ney’s 28g Super Vet Championship. Not to be outdone, Team Beretta’s youth contingent started strong with Jenni Clark’s Lady Main RU and FITASC Lady Championship finishes and Theo Ribbs’ Main Junior Champion finish.

Coming off of her Thursday and PH Prelim Championships and a FITASC Lady RU at the Seminole Cup, Diane Sorentino continued her winning ways with a Main Lady Championship and a Main RU at the Dover Furnace February Shoot. Right on her heels was Team Beretta member Paula Moore with her Main Lady RU, giving Team Beretta a total of three trophies and a championship during the shoot. The ladies of Team Beretta continued to shine as Jenni Clark scored three championships (Main Lady, Main Junior and 5-Stand Lady) at the Frosty Clays 100, and Kimberly Weikel’s Main Lady and 5-Stand Lady Championships at the Kreighoff/Randolph Ranger Classic.

Not to be outdone by his sporting clays teammates, Leo Harrison III-Team Beretta’s veteran trap shooter-showcased his shotgun skills at the Dixie Grand American with five trophies and a championship. As the competitive clay target season continues to heat up, Team Beretta shows no signs of cooling off. All eyes should be on the lookout for the telltale victory blue of Team Beretta, starting at the top of the podium.

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