Practitioners of extreme sports know the risks. BASE jumping, sky diving and kayaking off waterfalls all obviously have the potential to go extremely wrong. So what do athletes do when tragedy strikes and the sport they love can no longer be a part of their lives?

Sebastien Montaz, maker of extreme sports documentaries, wanted to look into that. In doing so, he created a stunning documentary film, One Step Beyond, that premiered at the Maui Film Festival this year. He focused on what makes extreme sport athletes tick: why would they jump from an exposed rugged cliff into a valley hundreds of feet below? Throughout the movie, Montaz mainly follows one woman, for whom these abstract risks became a reality and changed her life forever. An excerpt from the press release reads,

We join her [Géraldine Fasnacht] on a rollercoaster ride across the full spectrum of human emotions, catapulting from total euphoria to devastating loss, living life at full force and in glorious technicolour. Until one day, out of nowhere, a dramatic event changes the course of Géraldine’s life and forces her to reconsider her chosen path. In the face of tragedy, she decides to pick herself up and get back on the ride, to be swept up in a whirlwind of adrenaline.

This bare bones, honest account gives us a window into the lives of ordinary men and women who have chosen to take an extraordinary path in life.

Find the film in its entirety at The trailer for the film is embedded below.


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