Rough Weather Strands Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Babin During Alaskan Bear Hunt


Jason Babin, defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, had one of the better excuses to miss a team activity in the history of the NFL. He was stranded along with his guide in Cold Bay, Alaska living off melted glacier water and freeze-dried food for several days.

In his 9th season, Babin has become one of the more important players on the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense after registering 18 sacks and forcing 3 fumbles during the 2011 season.

Babin told the Philadelphia press that there was so much snow drifting over his tent that “the tent was in our sleeping bags.”

Babin had a few tips for anyone stuck in his situation. “You’ve got to pack your food, which are freeze-dried meals. You got to hike up a glacier with snowshoes to get your water. You gotta boil it. If you fall through and get while out hiking, no one’s gonna come dry you off with a towel. You’ve got to survive on your wits.”

Babin said he was doubly disappointed. “I don’t miss [team activities]. I’m not late.” Also, he didn’t manage to bag a bear. “Didn’t see the one I wanted,” he reported.

Babin’s experience didn’t sully him on risky activities. His next plan: Running with bulls in Pamplona.

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