Police Officers Learn UFC Techniques on Life of Duty


Unless you’re out there on the streets, you have no idea what our law enforcement officers are up against. To deal with today’s criminals, they have to be on top of the latest pharmaceuticals, technology and fighting techniques. That’s where the subject of this week’s NRA Life of Duty highlight comes into play.

Enter Pat “The Croation Sensation” Miletich. Pat holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a 3rd degree black belt in Shuri-ryū and was the first Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion. Now retired from competition, he takes what he learned in the ring to teach fighting to law enforcement and military groups the Miletich Fighting Systems.

“When I teach an officer how to take care of himself, to get away from somebody and live and get to his gun if he has to and live to see his family, that’s what it comes down to,” said Miletich.

Or, to paraphrase one instructor, it’s expanding what they learned in the academy to understand how to survive chaotic fighting.

To read about Miletich, and his work with law enforcement, see Issue #8 of American Warrior magazine.

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