Premier of History Channel’s “Mountain Men” Garners 3.9 Million Viewers


Mountain Men, the groundbreaking new series produced by Warm Springs Productions, garnered 3.9 million viewers for it’s premier on May 31st according to the website

“We’re really grateful for the reception the series is getting, and that the hard work of our team has paid off,” said Marc Pierce, Managing Partner of Warm Springs Productions. “And we believe that viewers will continue to like what they see throughout the balance of the season.”

Mountain Men airs at 10pm Eastern Time on Thursdays on History Channel. The 8-part series follows the lives of three modern day mountain men: Eustace Conway of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Tom Oar of the Yaak River Valley in Montana, and Marty Meierotto of the northern range in Alaska.  The series chronicles the day-to-day activities they go through to survive and make a living in some of the toughest environments in the country.

Each character makes their living off the land through trapping, tanning, as well as subsisting solely on what they can grow, fish or hunt.  As a part of that lifestyle, they’re constantly confronted with the challenges Mother Nature throws at them such as 60 degrees below zero weather, grizzly bears, wolves, and the threat of serious injury while living and working in remote areas a long ways from the nearest hospital.

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