Canada’s New Rules for Organic Farmed Salmon


Amid criticism from conservation organizations, Canada has made its standards for aquaculture farming stricter. About half of the seafood eaten in Canada is from farmed methods, according to

Now, there are tougher restrictions on production methods. This set of rules for organic farmed salmon and other aquaculture products ensure that production methods meet or exceed the Canadian standard for organic aquaculture production in fin fish, shell fish and aquatic plants.

The new standards do not permit the use of antibiotics, herbicides nor genetically modified organisms in fish farming production. There are also restrictions on the use of parasiticides. Additionally, the use of anti-foulants to treat pens is not permitted.

Details of the requirements were released by the Canadian General Standards Board, intending to ensure that natural environmental conditions of the species are met.

Upon releasing the regulations, the General Studies Board acknowledged that not everyone will be happy about what has been agreed upon. In response, the Canadian Organic Trade Association said critics should regard the new organic standards as the “beginning of a regime which can be built on in the years ahead.”

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