HECS Receives U.S. Patent for HECS Stealthscreen


The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent Number 8,188,452 to the creators of HECS STEALTHSCREEN.

Mike Slinkard, President of HECS LLC, says, “Receiving the patent on our hunting clothing technology is a huge milestone for HECS and a reaffirmation of the relevance of this new product for hunters of all types. This patent is also integral to the long-term vision of the HECS brand and will better enable HECS to pursue more co-branding and licensing opportunities within the hunting industry.  It is very satisfying to see it all come together!”

“HECS STEALTHSCREEN has real benefits to hunters, wildlife researchers and photographers” adds Mike. “All living things, including humans, emit faint electric signals and many animals are able to detect and react to these signals. HECS STEALTHSCREEN reduces the human electric signal, allowing you to get closer to animals in their natural undisturbed state.”

The unique HECS STEALTHSCREEN material is made of uniquely woven conductive carbon fibers that are designed to reduce the human body’s electric signal, while delivering the highest standards of comfort and performance.

HECS STEALTHSCREEN suits are now available online at www.hecsllc.com

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