LUND Takes 4 of Top 5 at AIM Can Am Challenge


A gentlemanly wager in a boat might be paying for dinner or the first round of drinks, but at the AIM (Angler’s Insight Marketing) Bay Mills Casino Can Am Challenge, the stakes amongst these friendly foes was Vegas-like by comparison – $40,000 to the big winner, in fact.

The overlying story was having the premier walleye pros from Canada and the U.S. duke it out on the water. As it played out, Team USA won in a unanimous decision. LUND pros and Team USA members Scott DuncanMarianne Huskey and Mark Brumbaugh occupied all three steps of the podium – first, second and third, respectively.

The underlying story, however, is that all three champions also run the same brand – a LUND. Is it coincidence, perhaps? But when you look historically at how many crowns have been captured by LUND captains, happenstance goes out the window. And, when you realize that the most noted walleye experts, both past and present tournament legends, run a LUND – Gary Roach, Tony Roach, Al & James Lindner, Tom Neustrom, Ron Seelhoff, Mark Martin, Mike Gofron, Scott & Marty Glorvigen– you know luck is a secondary factor to success.

At the AIM Bay Mills Casino Can Am Challenge, tournament champion Scott Duncan first put his paws on $40,000 cash. But before running to the bank, he was also entitled to a $6,000 kicker check, a contingency bonus offered exclusively by LUND to AIM competitors who fish from the best walleye boats on the planet.

Lund Pro Marianne Huskey’s second place finish was a historical marker, too. She becomes the highest placing female ever in professional walleye tournament fishing. Third position holder, Lund Pro Mark Brumbaugh, like many in the field – including Scott and Huskey – pulled crankbaits atop the weeds to get whacked.

LUND is a proud sponsor of the AIM Pro Walleye Series, and doubly excited about their team’s performance.

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