A 3-Gun Competition Like No Other: The MGM Ironman


Have you ever fired a gun while zip-lining from a three-story tower? If you have, then you’ve probably taken part in the MGM Ironman, otherwise…where have you been shooting?!

The MGM Ironman is a 3-gun match to test your shooting skills to the extreme. Contestants are both avid hobby and professional shooters, including police personnel.

According to Guns & Ammo, each year results in at least one ambulance ride per day of competition because of the heat, dust and high round count, but the gun-handling itself is very safe. Match organizers say that despite 4.5 billion rounds having been shot in the past 15 years, only once was there a self-sustained injury where a shooter clipped his own finger.

Shooters are expected to shoot from a zip-line after jumping from a three-story tower, dive into a tunnel and light up multiple subterranean targets with a pistol, then emerge and shoot more with a fully-automatic MP5, a shotgun and a rifle.

The target variation is seemingly endless. There are targets that move, charge at you, long-distance ones and a steel target called the Death Star, which is new for the 2012 match. Of course, there are traditional targets like clays, poppers, plate racks and paper.

The match is truly a place for all types of shooters to come together to test out their own skills and to push their limitations. To learn more and see for yourself what the match looks like, watch the video below from 2010’s MGM Ironman.


The current MGM Ironman competition is underway in Oregon. It finishes up tomorrow, June 9.

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