California DFG Announces Partial Fishing Closure in Oroville Wildlife Area


Department of Fish and Game (DFG) officials have closed fishing in an area around the Thermalito Afterbay outlet structure in the Oroville Wildlife Area (OWA).

The Thermalito Afterbay outlet structure has always been closed to public access but some anglers have been removing fencing to fish from it. Thus, DFG is closing fishing within 250 feet of the structure through February 2013. The closure is effective immediately.

“Closing this small portion of the OWA to fishing will aid in the protection of species and enhance public safety while curtailing illegal activities such as vandalism and harvesting spring-run Chinook salmon and green sturgeon,” DFG Regional Manager Kent Smith said. “Our hope is that we can reduce the state’s liability while protecting California’s wildlife to the fullest extent.”

The outlet structure is part of the State Water Project and allows for the discharge of water from the Thermalito Afterbay to the Feather River below Lake Oroville. While the structure is fenced off, the fence has been repeatedly vandalized. This is not only a public safety issue, but may contribute to the illegal take of endangered species that congregate in the area.

The 11,869-acre OWA is home to coyotes, badgers, deer, mountain lions, foxes, bobcats, porcupines, ospreys, egrets and woodpeckers. For more information about OWA and angling opportunities there, please visit:

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