Scott Leysath Meets “The Mad Butcher” on Dead Meat, Sunday on Sportsman Channel


If you enjoy consuming Alaskan delicacies, this exclusive episode of Dead Meat is in your “delectable wheelhouse”! Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American sportsman, is proud to document how “most” Alaskans fill their freezers during the brutal winter months. Join Scott Leysath as he travels to Alaska to show viewers how the natives hunt for their nourishment and take nothing for granted when it comes to the edible and non-edible. Dead Meat is hosted by America’s leading authority on the proper preparation of fish and game, Scott Leysath, aka “The Sporting Chef”, as he travels to common U.S. destinations with uncanny food convictions. Don’t miss his latest journey on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 9:30 p.m. EST.

When most people think about hunting in Alaska, it’s the big game that captivates the adventurous minds. Leysath has a different goal in mind and it’s discovering the consumption habits of the locals during the winter.  The first journey finds Leysath and local contractor/hunter (Mike Mudget) searching for Sitka deer.  After watching Mudget harvest two deer, Leysath spots a deer and does not miss the opportunity to contribute to the “meat harvest”.

“This specific hunt is not about stalking the biggest deer, but rather, finding a great source of nutrition for the freezer, said Scott Leysath, Host of Dead Meat. “Later I meet up with a guy the locals call ‘The Mad Butcher.’  He shows viewers the proper way to field dress a deer and go beyond the primal parts.”

After a successful icy-cold waterfowl hunt and a sampling of a deer tongue tacos, Leysath moderates the preparation of three succulent meals featuring diver ducks and deer parts often discarded.  The step-by-step direction and culinary perfection affords viewers great insight into the process of how to create new and tasty meals from proteins usually considered lesser table fare.

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