Shooting Industry Masters Announces Mystery Course of Fire


FMG Publications has taken the 2012 Shooting Industry Masters to a new level — by not announcing the event’s course of fire. The “mystery course of fire” reinforces the primary purpose of the Masters: to provide an opportunity for those in the shooting sports industry to actually get out and enjoy shooting.

Owned and operated by FMG Publications, the Masters consists of three main competition stages — Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun — and has a well-deserved reputation for being fun. This year, match organizers added special new twist.

“Only the firearms provided by the Masters can be used during the Handgun and Rifle Stages,” said Russ Thurman, match director and editor of Shooting Industry magazine. “And to add to the fun factor, we are not announcing the firearms we’re using. Simply step up to the firing line, receive a briefing on the course of fire, and enjoy the shooting.”

Since the course of fire and type of firearms are a mystery, all ammunition for the mystery course of fire will be provided to competitors. For the sporting clays portion of the event, competitors can use their own shotguns, in 12- and 20-gauge only, given the considerations of length-of-pull and comb height.

The Shooting Industry Masters, celebrating its 10th anniversary as an industry-only shooting event, has become one of the most popular matches in the shooting sports industry. This year’s event sold out more than two months before the first round will be fired.

“Yes, we know other competitions do it differently, but this is the Masters,” Thurman said. “We focus on fun, not on competition. It’s more of a family picnic with shooting involved.”

The Masters raises funds for First Shots, a program that introduces the general public to the shooting sports, and will host a Masters First Shots Orientation to kick off the 2012 match. FMG has raised $94,000 for First Shots during the past three Masters.

The Shooting Industry Masters will be held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky., July 20-21. For more information, visit Contact Elizabeth O’Neill, Masters coordinator, at 1-888-315-3641 or [email protected].

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