CaseCruzer Zombie Quick Draw Gun Case Protects Doomsday Prepper Weapons Against Flesh-Eating Monsters


Zombie invasions can quickly outnumber handgun aficionados and legally armed homeowners concerned about social upheaval. CaseCruzer believes doomsday preppers deserve a fair shot at taking out the flesh-eating contagion. But the premiere manufacturer of shipping transport solutions knows that before the infestation can be defeated, all pistol weaponry must be safely secured and stored for bug-out evacuations. The new Zombie Quick Draw Gun Case stores up to six handguns so that knights in shining armor can stand strong — and then get the heck out of town — when the crippled creatures of the apocalypse come out to play.

America’s worst nightmare is really not a zombie invasion, even in an election year. But whether competitive shooters aim at zombie replicas or clay targets at the shooting range, they will be well-served by the reusable bug-out Quick Draw Gun Case. No need to fear the truly damaging intruders of water, air and dust. The case is equipped with an ambient pressure equalization valve, high-quality latches, and o-ring seal. Not to mention, it’s also shockproof and handy during a zombie smack down.

“For doomsday preppers and other homeowners, the threat of alien invasions, frightening prophesies or pandemics may not be realistic. Yet it is no joke that some citizens feel vulnerable during periods of civil unrest, financial instability and political change. We believe self-defense is a right that must be respected. But safety is a rule that must not be ignored,” says Tatiana Briceno, CaseCruzer marketing director.

The GunCruzer Quick Draw Gun Case holds up to six handguns and 12 magazines, and is available in two styles: with wheels and a pull-out handle; or rubber over-molded fold-down handles without wheels. Both models are built with a sleek design for fast evacuations. Exterior dimensions with wheels are 21.26″L x 16.75″W x 9.83″H; without wheels, 20.25″L x 16.93″W x 8.78″H. When empty and without wheels, the durable transport weighs just 12.75 lbs; empty and with wheels, 16.05 lbs.

The interior of the carrying case is designed with singular slots for each handgun and magazine. When the case is in transit, there is no possibility of equipment dislodging and colliding.

Safe, dependable transportation and theft-proof storage are excellent reasons for considering the zombie gun case. The Quick Draw is outfitted with stainless steel padlock flanges that deter tampering. Easy access to handguns is also a benefit when at sporting events or in an emergency situation. The gun case is fitted with pad lockable double-throw trigger latches.

But the real virtue of a bug-out handgun case is its ability to protect expensive and sensitive pistols against shock, impact, vibration, and terminator attacks. Please note, at airports this unique gun case must be checked in with other luggage.

The Quick Draw Gun Case is a new product with a fun name and a serious purpose. Like all CaseCruzer carrying cases, the Quick Draw includes an unconditional lifetime warranty. Match that, zombie nation!


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