The average house cat weighs in at around 8 pounds and comes equipped with a set of claws that can be very annoying and potentially damage your dining room table.

The average alligator is one of nature’s oldest killers. Weighing in several times heavier than the average cat, the beasts sport a set of jaws that could snap a robust table leg faster than most of us can snap our fingers.

In this video two adult alligators come out of a Bayou swamp and this cat, dubbed “Mugsy,” fights them both off.


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7 thoughts on “Video: Cat vs. Two Alligators…Guess Who Wins

  1. Purrectly stupid. Even when the idiot “guide” bends over and asks the gator “what?” The tourists let their stupid kid pet the cat while the gator is still considering a meal. Keep in mind those little gators can run faster than any one of those people and if they decide, can take a nice chunk of hide out of any of them. Stupidity is rampant. This is a good example.

  2. Gators can and have had many a house cat for lunch. If the gator would have been hungry sorry to say, that cat would just be a memory. For these people to stand around filming and giggling about the cat’s courage is somewhat of an ignorant thing to do. That said, I have seen our house cats, stand off an adult black bears on more than one occasion. I have also seen them run for their life when a owl or a hawk is after it. A few of our cats lived long life’s considering the environment in which we lived, about 3-4 years. Most of our cats did not make it that long. As most people know house cats in general can tackle much larger animals including large dogs. But we have lost cats by way of owls, hawks, coyotes, bob cats and mountain lions, maybe even a bear or two to name just a few. The problem with a gator is the speed of a side ways attack. It did not seem these people realized how dangerous this situation really was for the cat and for themselves.

  3. The folks in this video are ignorant and setting poor examples for their kids. The outcome of the “standoff” could easily have gone another way. Would that have been funny or entertaining? You too use poor judgement in posting the video.

  4. the people are morons. they don’t care that the cat could get killed or that they or one of the kids could be injured by the alligator. What a bunch of ignoramuses.

  5. The viewers of this video sure get it: the adults who made this video and are in it are truly irresponsible idiots. They let the cats and the kids be endangered to a criminal degree. Disgusting. Can’t imagine what they are THINKING. (clearly, they are not)

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