Arizona’s Interactive Fishing Map Upgraded in Time for Father’s Day


Are you looking for a great place to take your dad fishing to celebrate Father’s Day? If so, then the Arizona Game and Fish Department has some great news for you.

The department’s new web-based interactive fishing map has been upgraded to include easier navigation features, Google-based travel directions, and links to stocking schedules.

Finding out where to fish and lots of other great information is just a mouse click away at, where you will discover 150 of Arizona’s best fishing lakes, streams and urban ponds.

“The Fish&Boat site has been a real hit with anglers since its first release in March. We are pleased to bring new improvements to the fishing map making it even more helpful and fun for anglers to use,” says Eric Swanson, the urban fishing program manager who spearheaded creating the new site.

Besides showing how to get to each fishing spot, the interactive fishing map also provides information on the type of fish species there, the available facilities and concessions, and even special fishing regulations that might apply.

You can also sign up at to have the weekly fishing report sent directly to your computer, smart phone or other Internet-friendly device. This week’s fishing report has some great tips on where to take dad fishing.

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