Vermont Moose Hunting Application Deadline is July 5 and Moose Permit Auction is Now Open


Vermont’s moose hunting permit lottery application deadline is July 5, and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is urging hunters who plan on entering to do so now online.

The application is quick and easy to fill out on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s website (  Click on Hunting and Trapping, then Lottery Applications and Winners, and then Online Moose Permit Application.

“It’s a really quick process that ensures your entry is immediately entered into the lottery,”said Director of Wildlife Mark Scott.  “Plus, it saves postage.   Printed moose applications are available at license agents, but we really encourage you to use the online application.  It is more efficient for you and for us.”

Lottery applications are $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents.  Winners of the permit lottery must purchase resident hunting permits for $100 and nonresident hunting permits for $350.

Five moose hunting permits also are offered in an auction with a bidding deadline of August 21.  Bids must be submitted on the department’s moose permit bid form available from Fish & Wildlife at 802-241-3695.   Money received from the winning bids is used in the department’s conservation education programs.

A person may apply in the lottery and bid in the auction but can receive only one moose hunting permit.  If a successful bidder receives a permit in the general lottery drawing, the person is no longer eligible in the auction.

The Fish and Wildlife Department is issuing 385 moose hunting permits by lottery for the regular October 20-25 moose season and 50 permits for an archery moose season October 1-7.

The 2011 Vermont Moose Harvest Report with details on last year’s hunt, including the towns where moose were taken, is on Fish and Wildlife’s website.  Look under “Hunting and Trapping” and then “Big Game.”

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