Australian Government Announces Final Proposed Closures in Coral Sea


The government of Australia has released its final proposed plan to establish a large marine reserve in the Coral Sea. The proposal includes the creation of Marine National Park Zones totaling roughly 194,000 square miles in which all fishing, including recreational fishing, would be prohibited. Pew Environment Group has been the leader in this campaign under its Global Ocean Legacy program, which is working diligently to establish massive closed reserves around the world.

The official comment period will open in July during which The Billfish Foundation will call on you once again to send comments to the Australian government in response. TBF will post our comments and the person to whom comments should be sent shortly. We encourage you to use TBF’s comments or send in your own to voice your concerns to the Australian Government. Together we can ensure that our voice is heard and that fishing opportunities for anglers around the world are made available so that we may fish forever!

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